Find Outdated Packages With Composer

Composer now features an “outdated” command to find newer versions of your dependencies. The command shows a list of installed packages including their latest version.

Find Outdated Packages With Composer

To list outdated packages in your project, use the outdated command.

$ composer outdated

If you’re working with a big framework like Laravel or Symfony the list could become quite long. To make it more readable, the outdated command comes with two flags.

  1. Implies -latest, but this lists *only* packages that have a newer version available.

    $ composer outdated --outdated
  2. Restricts the list of packages to your direct dependencies.

    $ composer outdated --direct

Read more about the command in the original pull request or in the documentation. This feature was requested by many and I’m really happy to see this feature integrated within Composer.

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