Remove Auto-complete Entries in Google Chrome

Whenever I fail to write a URL correctly in Google Chrome the auto-complete will punish me for a long time. Today I’ve learned how to remove entries from the auto-completion list.

Linux & Windows

Just highlight the entry you want to remove in the drop-down list (using the arrow keys, or your mouse cursor) and press delete on your keyboard.


For macOS users this is a little more tricky. First start by typing the unwanted auto-completed URL until it shows itself.

Then hit fn + shift + delete if you have a compact keyboard or shift + delete if you have a keyboard with separate delete key (and no fn). If you have a non-Apple keyboard, shift + delete should do the trick.

In my case, I had accidentally written, which didn’t exist before. It bugged me for days and today I finally found a solution. Thanks for reading along!

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